Richard Vernon
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Early 50s

Marital Status:



Vice Principal of Shermer High School
Detention Supervisor




Carl the Janitor


John Bender, Andrew Clark, Claire Standish, Brian Johnson, Allison Reynolds


Dick -John Bender and Carl the Janitor
Rich -John Bender
Sir. -John Bender, Brian Johnson, Andrew Clark, Claire Standish

Portrayed by:

Paul Gleason

Richard "Dick" Vernon is the grumpy vice principal of Shermer High School as well as the detention supervisor and the main antagonist of the film.

Vice PrincipalEdit

Mr. Vernon is a strict and no-nonsense person, who does not take kindly to jokes around him. After Bender insults him seven times, he gives him two months of detention (March 31-May 11). When Bender and the others go to the hall so he can retrieve marijuana from his locker, Bender takes the fall for everyone, allowing them to go back without getting caught. Vernon locks him in a storage closet for the remainder of the day and threatens him as far as to goad Bender into throwing punches at his face which he does not do. He also starts to wonder on how the kids will turn out in the future, and shows serious anxiety and fear in knowing that the incoming generation will be running the world when he is an old man. At the end of the movie, the kids didn't write the assignment he wants them to do, instead they write how he can't accept who they are and he failed to break them. The janitor tells him to not count on those kids to help him because of how he's treating them. The janitor tells him that no one will care about Vernon even when he dies one day people won't care about him due to his horrible behavior. Vernon reading the essay and realized he failed miserably and it won't matter what he does.

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