Carl Reed is the janitor of the school, when he catches Vernon viewing the confidential records of the school staff, Famous line "Hey Carl good to see you"--Carl then blackmails him. He seems to know Brian very well. In the opening scene, Carl's picture is placed on a plaque that reads, "Man of the Year" in 1969. Towards the ending, he questions his boss of why he gave the students the "Who Do You Think You Are" essay, because he states, "Listen Vernon, if you were sixteen, what would you think of you?". He appears to have a love/hate relationship with the kids; he claims to be the eyes and ears of the institution and calls them "s**theads" (it appears as this was directed at all of the kids due to Allison's glare as Carl says it), yet pretty much defends them too. He is portrayed by John Kapelos.