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JuliaTheBasketCase JuliaTheBasketCase 5 March 2019

About me

Hi, my names Julia. I am 14 years old, I am female, and I am lesbian. I do get easily offended by rude comments about that and I defend myself in a harsh way to some. I am ok with you having an opinion but if your opinion is cruel or mean to me, ill call you out. I go to the Met High School, and I intern at Dutemple. I love having a fun time with friends too. Even my ex girlfriend, I have a lot of friends. Currently single. I love Allison Reynolds from Breakfast Club too. Thanks for listening.

Thats me.

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Stephanie Samara LeBlanc Stephanie Samara LeBlanc 12 October 2014

What is your favorite part of the movie?

Anyone got a favorite part or quote? And why?

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Doosia2011 Doosia2011 8 July 2013


What if somebody made a remake of the breakfast club? Who would be in it? Would it be better than the original? Seriously, I'm curious now

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