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Late 40s

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Mr. Clark is the father of Andrew Clark and husband of Mrs. Clark. It is revealed that Andy hates his father because he always pushes him and wants him to be a winner. Andy said that his father did wild pranks when he was at Shermer High School so he wanted to be just like him and do something wild so he taped Larry Lester's buns together. So he blames his father and himself for getting into detention. Andy's father is portrayed by Ron Dean. It is revealed that he graduated from Ohio State University.

Trivia and allusions[]

  • Mr. Clark can be compared to the following characters:
    • John Kreese (Martin Kove) from The Karate Kid saga (1984-1994):
    • Colonel Dugan (Michael Ironside) - Same way that Mr. Clark can be compared to Kreese.
    • Brian Johnson's parents - Both Mr. Clark and the latter pressure his/her respective child to be the best of the best, and [even though inadvertently] makes his/her respective child feel like "no top achievement = no self worth".