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Allison Reynolds
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Significant Other:

Andrew Clark


Student at Shermer High School


The Basket Case
Missy - Richard Vernon


Mr. Reynolds (Father)
Mrs. Reynolds (Mother)


Andrew Clark
Claire Standish
John Bender
Brian Johnson

Reason for detention:

Had nothing better to do

Responsible for causing her detention:

Mr. Reynolds & Mrs. Reynolds

Portrayed by:

Ally Sheedy



The Basket Case[]

Allison went to detention by personal choice, citing nothing better to do with her time. Regardless, she wound up being lumped into the other kids; once during Carl The Janitor's "sh*theads like you" insult, and the other with Vernon referring to her as "Missy" in a derogatory manner twice. In a deleted scene, however, she seems to get her revenge via flipping the bird at Vernon as they are sneaking past him struggling with a vending system.

Physical appearance[]

Allison stands at 5'5, and has quite a slim figure. Her hair is dark brown with an occasionally black hue sometimes, and it tends to cover her face. Her skin is pale with very light freckles, and her face is often sorrowful. After a makeover from Claire, Andrew begins to show signs of attraction towards Allison, as does Brian.


“When you grow up, your heart dies.”

“Well, if you say you haven't, you're a prude. If you say you have you're a slut. It's a trap. You want to but you can't and when you do you wish you didn't, right?”

“I don't have to run away and live in the street. I can run away and I can go to the ocean, I can go to the country, I can go to the mountains. I could go to Israel, Africa, Afghanistan...”

“You wanna know what I did to get in here... nothing! I had nothing better to do.”

"I'll do anything sexual and I don't a need million dollars to do it."

"Never mind, forget it, everything's cool"

"There's no deal, sport-o"

Trivia and allusions[]

  • Allison is the only student to not drop the f-bomb ("f--k") a single time in the movie. Namely, out of the 26 f-bombs in the film, 0 came from Alison's mouth.
  • For lunch, Allison eats a Cap'n Crunch sandwich and a second sandwich prepared from powdered fruit-flavored candy.
  • Allison is the only student not to try Bender's drugs and get high from it.
  • Allison doesn't speak for the first twenty-four or so minutes
  • Allison has a psychiatrist with whom she had sex with on multiple occasions. This turned out to be false, however.
  • Ally Sheedy was 22 years of age when she played the character.


The deleted scene of Allison sticking her finger up at Vernon